La Maldición del Guardián > #2

In the mystical village of Mithila, shrouded in the ethereal beauty of the lush forests of Kerala, a meeting of great importance is about to take place. The villagers, unaware of the impending danger, go about their daily lives, oblivious to the forces of darkness that lurk beyond their peaceful existence.
Kavya, the village is in dire need of our protection. With your healing powers and my martial skills, we can safeguard our people from the looming threat. We must join forces and face the darkness together.
Aditya, I sense the weight of responsibility in your words. I share your concerns for the safety of our village. Together, we can bring healing and protection to those in need. I am devoted to using my mystical abilities for the greater good.
As Aditya and Kavya vow to protect their village, a sinister presence silently makes its way towards them. Vikram, a sorcerer hungry for power, enters the village, his dark intentions hidden behind a cunning smile.
*Sinister laughter echoes*
Villager 1
Did you feel that? A chill just ran down my spine. It feels as if something wicked has entered our village.
Villager 2
Look, the crops! They are withering away, and the animals seem to be falling ill. This is a bad omen.
Fear spreads among the villagers as they witness the curse unfolding before their eyes. Aditya and Kavya, driven by their determination to protect their people, confront Vikram, ready to put an end to his reign of darkness.
Vikram! Your dark magic may be powerful, but we won't let you destroy our village. We will find a way to break your curse and restore the harmony you've disrupted.
Ah, the virtuous duo. How delightfully predictable. Do you really think you stand a chance against me? Your feeble attempts to stop me amuse me, Aditya.
Vikram, your hunger for power blinds you. True strength lies in compassion and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. We will not let your darkness prevail.
A fiery determination fills Aditya and Kavya's hearts as they face off against Vikram. With the village's fate hanging in the balance, the battle of light against darkness begins, leaving the reader craving for a resolution, longing to witness the downfall of the malevolent sorcerer.