The Defenders of Allahabad > #2

In the heart of Allahabad, the local artifact market buzzes with activity. Vibrant stalls line the streets, displaying exquisite treasures from across the region.
Raj, have you noticed the tension in the air? It's as if something dark is lurking beneath the surface.
Yes, Sonia. I sense it too. Let's investigate and find out what's really going on.
Raj and Sonia discreetly blend into the crowd, their eyes darting from stall to stall, as they search for any signs of trouble.
Look, over there! It's Raghav, the notorious criminal, with his gang of thugs.
He seems to be manipulating innocent sellers and extorting them for their artifacts. This must be part of his plan to seize control of the market.
We can't let him get away with this. We need to put an end to his criminal activities.
Agreed, Raj. Let's gather evidence against him and expose his true intentions.
Raj and Sonia use their impressive combat skills to discreetly infiltrate Raghav's gang, gathering vital information while staying one step ahead.
We have enough evidence against Raghav to bring him down, Raj! Let's confront him and put an end to his reign of terror.
At the stroke of midnight, in a dramatic showdown, Raj and Sonia confront Raghav, revealing his true nature to the world.
Your days of manipulating innocent sellers and intimidating patrons are over, Raghav! Your criminal empire ends now.
You think you can defeat me? You're nothing compared to my power and influence!
With a swift move, Raj disarms Raghav and his gang, rendering them powerless.
Raghav, the truth always finds its way to the light. Your misdeeds will no longer go unnoticed.
As the city looks on in amazement, Raghav's criminal empire crumbles, his misdeeds exposed for all to see.
Raghav's gang members are apprehended, and justice is served. The city celebrates the end of Raghav's reign as Raj and Sonia emerge as local heroes.