Whispers of the Haunted Mansion > #4

Oh no, it's coming closer! I need to find a way out of here!
Emily runs through the dark corridors, heart pounding with fear.
Aah! What was that? I can't...I can't breathe!
Emily gasps for air as she stumbles upon a bloodied handprint on the wall.
No, no, no! This can't be happening!
What was that sound? It's getting closer...it's getting closer!
Emily turns around and sees a shadowy figure rushing towards her.
Help! Someone, please help me!
Emily's scream echoes through the mansion, a desperate cry for anyone to hear.
Suddenly, a door slams shut behind Emily, trapping her in a small, dark room.
No...I'm trapped! There's no way out!
Stop...stop whispering! Leave me alone!
Emily covers her ears, trying to block out the haunting whispers that fill the room.
I won't let you break me! I will fight back!
*Running footsteps*
Emily gathers her courage and bolts towards the door, determined to escape.
I'm not going down without a fight! I will survive!
Emily crashes through the door, finding herself face to face with the malevolent entity.
You won't consume me! Not today!
Emily and the malevolent entity engage in a fierce battle, a clash between light and darkness.
You won't win! I refuse to let fear rule me any longer!
Emily delivers a powerful blow, weakening the entity and forcing it to retreat.
I...I did it! I defeated the darkness!
Emily catches her breath, victorious and exhausted, as the mansion begins to crumble around her.
It's time to leave this nightmare behind. I won't let it haunt me anymore.
Emily escapes the crumbling mansion, leaving behind the horrors of her past once and for all.